Team Gear

TEAM ATHLETIC SHIRTS AND WATER BOTTLES.  AERO shirts and water bottles will be handed out during the second week of practice or as new athletes register.  We anticipate having enough for the team as we grow in the summer session, but supplies are limited, so get your annual membership to ensure we have a t-shirt for your athlete in their size.

Most of our team gear comes from Nimblewear and can be order by individuals through our the AERO team store.  There is a two unit minimum order and shipping is $24/order.  Group orders will be placed 2-3 times per season to allow for free shipping which will eliminate shipping fees.  Available items include Team Triathlon Suits, Cycling Jerseys, Athlete Polos, Parent or Athlete t-shirts.

Trisuits are available in a variety of fabric qualities and in both closed and open back styles (both shown below).

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