Registration Documents

The following documents will be available at the parent meeting.  If you are unable to attend the parent meeting, please print the documents and submit them before your athlete begins practicing with the team.  The AERO Waiver, USAT Waiver and Athlete Code of Conduct need to be filled out for each athlete.  Please read through the Athlete Code of Conduct with your child.  The Parent Code of Conduct should be reviewed and signed by all parental units in the household.

AERO Medical and Media Waiver


Download (PDF, 179KB)

USAT Waiver

Fill in everything except the payment information as USAT membership/renewal fee is covered by the AERO annual membership fee.


Download (PDF, 122KB)

Athlete Code of Conduct


Download (PDF, 41KB)

Parent Code of Conduct


Download (PDF, 52KB)

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