Parent Tips for Race Day

Race Day Reminders for AERO Parents

It’s easy to lose perspective in the excitement of race day.

Here are some reminders to make sure the race is fun for everyone!

Keep comments positive. As a parent you are representing AERO as much as your athlete. Kids triathlons are notorious for bad parental behavior. Make sure that your actions set a good example both for you kids and for other parents.

Cheer for everyone. We all get excited for the kids on our team and its completely appropriate to cheer for them, but be sure to cheer for everyone else too. All the kids out there are working hard!

Follow USAT Youth Triathlon rules. It is against the rules for an athlete to receive any help from bystanders during the race. That includes running with the athlete on the course.

Get a coach if any problems that arise during the race. Please keep our cell phone numbers handy so that if something happens during the race you can contact us. Let us know as soon as possible, so that we can work through the situation with the appropriate race official.

Coach Jen 615-772-5719

Don’t lose the forest through the trees. Remember that kids will have good and bad races. It’s all a part of their development as an athlete.

Podium. While being on the podium is exciting, it is certainly not the only measure (and often not the best measure) of accomplishment. Their placement in their age group is completely dependent on who shows up that day. While we will celebrate for all the kids who are on the podium, it is important that they all understand that their own personal time from year to year is a better way to gauge their progress.

Take a deep breath and have fun!

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