Music City Kids Triathlon

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Centennial Sportsplex • 222 25th Ave N, Nashville, TN Nashville, TN 37203

Sunday, June 10, 2018

photo by Joana and Bob Riddick

 The 3rd Annual Music City Kids Triathlon Presented by The Children’s Hospital at TriStar Centennial  will be on June 10th, 2018.

All finishers will receive a medal and additional awards will be given out to the athletes with the fastest times in each age group. Additional awards will be given out to school teams based on the number of students finishing the race. You don’t have to practice as a school team to be considered, so get some of your classmates together and join the fun!

About Music City Kids Triathlon

Children from all economic backgrounds should have an opportunity to experience the fun of the sport. Thanks to USA Triathlon, a scholarship fund as been set up to help kids from low income families by assisting with registration fees, equipment needs and helping them to prepare for race day by hosting free swim clinics and triathlon clinics at their schools and community centers. Scholarship funds are limited and will be distributed based on financial need and fund availabilty at the time of the request. Please contact us to receive a scholarship request form.
Have you thought about forming a Triathlon team at your school? Its a great way to keep connected with your school over the summer and keep your classmates active!  There will also be awards fro the 3 school teams with the most participants crossing the finish line.  If you are interested in having a triathlon program at your school contact us and we can help you get started.  Triathlon is now an emerging sport in the NCAA and USA Triathlon holds state and national championships.  The TN State Championship will be in Nashille in 2018 as a part of the Music City Sprint Triathlon.

Doctor’s Tip

Heat Illness

Before you send the kids out to practice in the summer heat or just for a long day of play in the sun be sure you know how to recognize symptoms of dehydration and heat illness and what to do if your child becomes ill.

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Warm weather is just around the corner and that means kids will be out to play. Whether your child participates in organized sports or simply enjoys play outdoors, proper hydration is critical. Active children generate more heat…

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Eating well plays a critical role in keeping sports fun and safe. This is especially true for highly active kids. Athletes of all ages can benefit from proper nutrition to improve performance.

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Children can oftentimes make flexibility look easy. However, just because it appears that kids can run, jump and bend easily, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t necessary for them to stretch before (and after) participating…

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Sun Safety

Understanding the world of summer skincare and sunscreen is a challenge. There are several brands of sunscreen to choose from and alphabet acronyms to understand (UVA, PABA, SPF, etc.). The market may be confusing, …

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While children who are physically active certainly enjoy many health benefits, they are also at greater risk for injury, including concussions.
Concussions can be prominent in all sports – even in “non-contact” sports…

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How do I know if my child is ready?

Children need to be able to swim with out a flotation device and ride a bicycle without training wheels (tricycles are not allowed). The scariest part of the triathlon for most young athletes is the swim. The youngest group (race age 6-7) will be swimming in the therapy pool. This pool is warmer, shorter and more shallow than the competitive pool in which the older athletes will be swimming. Athletes who are race age 8, but beginner swimmers can participate in the younger age category by contacting the race director (, but will not be eligible for awards based on finish time.  There will be a non-competitive division of the race devoted to kids with with unique challenges that make them unalbe to complete the triathlon following standard USAT rules.   These athletes may be swimming with a kickboard, riding a stabilized bike, and/or completeing the race with a buddy.  Please contact the race director for more information.






(race age 6-7)

Individual Age group/open





(race age 8-10)

Individual Age group/open





(race age 11-18)

Individual Age group/open




Race age 5

Individual Age group/open

Race Age 8

Individual Age group/open

non-competitive entry in Junior Division Swim

Race Age

This event will follow the USAT age division rules which require athletes to be placed into age divisions according to their age on December 31st of the race year, rather than their age on race day. Athletes refer to this as “race age” and it means that if an athlete turns 8 in December, he/she is race age 8. The race age is used to determine an athletes age division as well as award categories.  Children who are race age 5, may be given special permission by the race director to register. Parents who would like for their race age 5 athlete to participate should contact us with a description of their background in terms of swimming and biking.

Whether its your first triathlon or you’ve been doing it for years we welcome you to come out and have fun doing something challenging! All you need is a helmet, a bike with two wheels and some running shoes.

Junior and Intermediate division athletes and their parents will be given wristbands at packet pick up. These wristbands will be used to help volunteers in locating parents after the race. Junior division athletes (race age 6-7) will have yellow wristbands and intermediate division athletes will have red wristbands. Children in the Junior and Intermediate division will be kept in an athlete only holding area immediately adjacent to the finish line after the race. Parents must present their wristbands to volunteers when picking up their children. Senior athletes will be allowed flow freely in and out of the athlete only area.
Transition and Bike Check-In
Transition and bike check-in is ONLY ON RACE DAY. The transition will open to all age divisions at 6:00 am and will close at 7:00 am. Once transition closes, participants and parents must exit the transition and make their way to the swim start. Parents of Junior and Intermediate participants will be allowed in transition with their child by presenting their wristband to volunteers. Junior and Intermediate parents are only allowed in transition from 6-7:00 am to help rack bikes and help set up participant transition area. We ask that parents of senior division participants remain outside of the transition area.   Volunteers will be available in the transition area to help any kids who need assistance. Please have all your bib numbers, bike numbers and helmet numbers in place prior to entering transition. This will streamline the check in process at transition PARENTS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO ENTER TRANSITION DURING THE EVENT OR BETWEEN DIVISION STARTS.

All bikes in transition must be placed on designated bike racks, or set under the rack using a kickstand. The bikes can be hung by the handle bars or the seat. Race volunteers will be available in transition to assist athletes. Each rack will have stickers with the race number of the athlete assigned to that area. Bikes should be racked in alternating directions with the athlete’s transition gear at the front wheel. Only equipment needed by the athlete during the race will be allowed to remain in transition. Any backpacks, bags or buckets used to carry gear will need to be removed from transition before 7:30am. Be courteous and do not move bikes that have already been put in their place. If you have concerns about space in transition or how another participant’s transition area is set up, you should consult a race volunteer.

Body Marking
Participants will have a race number marked on their arms and legs with black marker.
Parent Conduct
We want a safe and fun environment for your children on race day. In order to ensure that your children walk away with the best experience, we need to uphold a positive and supportive atmosphere at all times. Parents are asked to be supportive of all the children that are out there trying their best to achieve their goals as well as the many volunteers that have given of their time and energy for benefit of all the athletes.

Unacceptable conduct from a parent can result in the disqualification of their own child. Unacceptable conduct includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Negative comments to your own child or another child
  • Yelling at volunteers, race officials, other parents or participants
  • Interference with participants or race officials

Any disputes must be taken up with a race official (not a volunteer). The protocol for a dispute is to go to the check-in area and ask that a race official be notified. Once a race official is with you, please calmly explain your dispute. It is our goal for everyone to walk away with a great experience so we will do our best to resolve all issues in a timely and pleasant manner.

Course info

Swim: Athletes will swim in the indoor pool at Centennial Sportsplex.
  • Non-competitive race (race age 6-18) 50 yards in therapy pool (25 yard lanes).
  • Junior (race age 6-7) 50 yards in therapy pool (25 yard lanes).
  • Intermediate (race age 8-10) 100 meters in competitive pool (50 meter lanes).
  • Senior (race age 11-18) 200 meters in competitive pool (50 meter lanes).
Bike: The bike course will be a closed course around Centennial.
  • Non-competitive athletes (race age 6-18) single lap 2.6 miles
  • Junior and Intermediate (race age 6-10) single lap 2.6 miles
  • Senior (race age 11-18) 3 laps for a total of 6 miles.
Run: In the final leg of the race athletes will run in Centennial Park and finish on the park road between 25th avenue and the Parthenon .
  • Non-competive athletes (race age 6-18) will run 0.75 mile to finish line.
  • Junior and Intermediate (race age 6-10) will run 0.75 mile to finish line.
  • Senior (race age 11-18) will run 1.25 miles to finish line.

Centennial Sportsplex

222 25th Ave N, Nashville, TN  37203GET DIRECTIONS

General Rules (full rules will be in packet)

Music City Kids Triathlon is a USAT sanctioned event and follows all USAT rules and regulations. For a complete list of rules, please visit the USAT website listed below.

  • Designated swim caps must be worn
  • No diving in the pool
  • No flotation devices can be worn for the swim
  • No training wheels are allowed
  • Bike helmets must be worn at all times on the bike with the chin strap buckled, including before and after the event
  • No riding bikes in the transition area
  • Timing chip must be worn at all times during the race to receive race times
  • Race numbers (bibs) must be worn at all times during the run portion of the race.
  • Parents are not allowed in the transition during the race
  • Cyclists must keep back two bike lengths behind the participant in front, except when passing.
  • Pass on the left, slower cyclists stay on right!
  • No pacing athletes. Parents may not run or ride with their children.
Refund Policy

There will be no refunds for weather cancellations. In the event of inclement weather race organizers may adjust the course as deemed appropriate for safety, but a delay of the race will not be possible.


A kids triathlon is a great way for kids to build confidence by trying something challenging and persevering to the finish line. While the race distances are set so that they are well within reach of children with basic swimming and biking skills; it is not easy. They have to work hard to get to that finish line. Some of these kids will face obstacles along the course, a big hill or a side ache, and they’ll have to decide whether to continue or quit. That’s where we need your help. In order to make this race a great experience for all of these athletes we need 160 volunteers on race day. I know its a lot to ask but I also know that it is well worth it! Years ago, I volunteered at the very same course for the first kids triathlon I had ever attended. My job was to help kids out of the pool at the end of a long course swim. These kids were so tired coming out of the water that I wasn’t sure they would be able to do the bike and run…but they all did. The look on each of those kids faces as they crossed the finish line told me that they knew that they had accomplished something significant. They knew that they had earned that medal being put around their necks. It was watching these kids, nearly ten years ago, that led me to coaching kids triathlon!

Contact Us

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Race Director
Jennifer Gentry
USAT Certified Coach

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