Injury Prevention

Research has shown that triathletes are at higher risk of overuse injuries than single sport athletes.  Children are at even greater risk as they’re bones grow faster then the supportive tissues that support them.  Thanks to Results Phisiotherapy sports therapists have put together the following articles on injury prevention for our team.

Articles for Runners:

1) IT Band Syndrome and Runners


2) Runners and Knee Pain


3) Plantar Fasciitis Sufferers Improve More with Manual Physical Therapy


4) Running the Marathon – How To Avoid Injury


5) See a Physical Therapist First – Direct Access to Quality Care


6) Trigger Point Dry Needling


7) Pain Relief: A Nutritional Answer


8) Patient Testimonial from Shahin Hadian (Owner of Fleet Feet Knoxville)


9) Patient Testimonial from Pam Huppman (Half Marathoner)


Articles for Shoulder Issues:

1) Shoulder Pain


2) Swimmer’s Shoulder Education and Prevention


Video Clips for Runners:

1) Dead Butt Syndrome Video Series (6 videos that play back to back):


2) Running Exercises to add to your Training Routine:


3) Running Injuries – Some Simple Solutions:


4) Barefoot Running (3 Video clips):

Is There a Happy Medium for Barefoot Running:


Two Extreme Types of Feet:


Can my Feet Support Barefoot Running:


5) How to Recover from an Ankle Sprain – Fast Track Your Recovery


6) A 3 part video series on Dead Butt Syndrome

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