Board of Directors

John Mooney


Employed with Deloitte Advisory as a Manager in the Discovery Practice where he consults and manages the discovery practices for several Fortune 200 companies. His work allows him to have an understanding of the internal workings of large companies and how businesses work in their business sectors and within the community. John has two active triathletes that have been competing in triathlons for the last three years. His two daughters have been a member of the AERO team since 2014 training with the competitive level.

John Hamm

Board Member

John played collegiate football at Penn State and has remained active in many sports, most recently triathlon.  This past season he completed his first Ironman!  We were very lucky to have John as a coach this season due to some free time he had between jobs.  He is dedicated to the kids and to physical fitness. He is the only potential board member without any kids in the program, which will offer a unique perspective.  John is a talented artist who has donated a great deal of time already to the team in updating the AERO logo, designing the cycling kits and updating the trust design this past season.

Wende Rutherford


Wende is a lawyer and parent of an elite group athlete.  As an elite group parent, she is familiar with the more competitive side of the team, but is also dedicated to the overall mission of the organization.  Wende has dedicated much of her life to the welfare of children, and her passion for children in the broader community is an asset to the board.

Michael Utley


Michael runs a business consulting firm and is the parent of competitive group athletes.  Michael’s experience starting his own business as well as his web design and consulting skills will make him a valuable advisor.  Having kids who have been involved with AERO and who have participated first at the developmental level and then at the competitive level gives him a broad perspective of how the organization has developed over time.

Jeff Reilly


Jeff is a civil engineer and an AERO cycling coach with Level 3 Certification from USA Cycling.  A big part of his job as a project manager in the field of aviation, is to work with the board of directors of local commissions that run small airports throughout the state.  This gives him insight on the organization and function of a board of directors.  In addition, having been involved with AERO since its inception he brings broad understanding into issues related to the actual operations of the organization.

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